Forever does not have to be forever

When I was 18 years old, my best friend passed away.  I knew right away that I wanted to honor her forever with a tattoo.  I decided to keep it elegant and simple, much like she was, and I got her initials tattooed in a beautiful script on my calf.  Another of our friends had a similar idea, but she chose to go a different route.  She needed to find a way to encapsulate the entire essence of their friendship with a tattoo, and she wanted to share it with the world.  She got a beautiful, yet loud, and audacious tattoo of a purple rose covering the entire top of her foot, with a personal nickname underneath.  She could not have been happier with her choice or the work that was done.  Fast forward about fifteen years, and she felt a little bit differently.  She had come to realize that while she still loved the art on her foot, she did not love having to explain to twenty people a day who “Peanut” was and how a purple rose defined her friendship with someone named “Peanut” every time she wore sandals.  Bad tattoos are not the only ones that eventually need to be removed.

People have second thoughts about their body art for a number of different reasons.  My friend chose to have hers removed for the sake of privacy.  Luckily, tattoos do not have to be a lifetime commitment thanks to Skinful Tattoo Removal in Killeen, Texas.  Skinful Tattoo Removal was started for a very simple reason – the owner realized while going through a personal situation with a tattoo that had worn out its welcome that tattoo removal specialists were hard to find.  Like many specialists, they can put quite a dent in the bank account.  Skinful Tattoo Removal only uses top-of-the-line laser technology, and their rates start at just $59.  Locally owned and operated right in Killeen, Texas, Skinful Tattoo Removal employs experts using the highest grade laser technology available who specialize in providing the most pleasant experience possible in tattoo removal without scarring.  Skinful Tattoo Removal also offers free tattoo removal of any radiation markers for all cancer patients.

Tattoo removal is an art, just like tattooing itself, and the skilled professionals at Skinful Tattoo Removal are true artists. Located in Killeen, Texas, they provide the premier tattoo removal service in all of Central Texas. For more information, contact us at 254-213-0905