Sun Exposure and Tattoo Removal

Many people who visit Skinful Tattoo Removal will ask us if they are able to expose the tattoo to the sun before and after laser tattoo removal treatment. In this article, we are going to discuss how sun exposure can affect your laser tattoo removal


Many people enjoy being outside each day and for some individuals purposely stay in the sun to achieve a nice glow. The sun helps to increase the production of Vitamin D and Melanin in the body.  The Melanin is actually what soaks up the radiation from the sun, thus causing our skin to change to a brown tone.


When there is an increased production of melanin in the body, your skin will tan or burn. When receiving laser tattoo removal, the laser is unable to differentiate between the tattoo ink and the melanin, thus causing your skin to possibly be less responsive. The skin needs to be as close to the natural skin tone as possible. This will provide us the best possibility of removing your tattoos in the least amount of treatments. The darker the tan, the more treatments it may take to remove the tattoo.


If you’re wondering if you can go in the sun before and after your treatment; we would advise you that for best possible results, please try to stay out of the sun. You’ve made the commitment to get rid of your tattoo, and you want to see the best possible results. Therefore, you might need to sacrifice a few days in the sun.

If you must go in the sun and it’s unavoidable either before or after your treatments, then try keeping your tattoo covered up with loose clothing when possible and use a sunscreen. Here at Skinful Tattoo Removal Killeen, we love Skinceuticals Sunscreen. Not only is it SPF 50+, but it’s clear, quick drying, and non-sticky.


If you are wondering about spray tanning during the laser tattoo removal process, try not to use any spray tan products at least 2 weeks prior and post treatment.

It’s important to maintain a healthy immune system, because the more toxins in the body, the slower the process, and this also goes for toxins absorbed by your skin. Furthermore, some spray tan products contain activators, which may react with the laser treatment and this can lead to skin pigmentation.


Exposure to the sun increases levels of melanin which leads to tanning and burning. If you experience blisters or broken skin during the laser tattoo removal process, then getting sunburn will be painful and could cause scarring. This in turn could lead to a longer ink elimination process overall.

If all the necessary care is taken when undergoing laser tattoo removal, it won’t be long before you can sit in the sun all day and show off your tanned body to all your friends and family.

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